Vivid Seats American Currency Charges Class Action

File: 500-06-000891-172

Date: November 2017


Plaintiff alleges that Vivid Seats contracts with Quebec consumers (by selling them tickets to events both in Quebec and outside of Quebec) by advertising a price that does not indicate that the currency is in American dollars and then charges consumers in American dollars (which is approximately 30% more);

This class action seeks the reimbursement of the amounts that Defendant Vivid Seats LLC unlawfully charged Class members for purchases made on its websites and mobile applications for shows and/or sporting events, in violation of sections 54.4(h), 219, 224(c) and 228 of Quebec’s Consumer Protection Act (the “CPA”), as well as punitive damages for the exploitation of Quebec consumers;

Who can benefit from the settlement?

All consumers within the meaning of the Quebec’s Consumer Protection Act who purchased a ticket from Vivid Seats web site or application since November 16th, 2014.


Reimbursement in the amount of the 29.3% overcharge by Vivid Seats per class member, as well as punitive damages of $100.00 each.

Ticket FX Settlement

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Available Documents
Notice of a Class Action against Vivid Seats (ENG)
Avis court d’action collective – Short Form Notice of a Class Action – Vivid Seats (FR ENG)
2018 09 06 Jugement
2019 02 25 Originating Application
2017 11 16 Action colective contre Vivid Seats