File: 500-06-000773-156

Date: November 2015

What is the subject of this class action?

The Plaintiffs allege that the cancellation and/or termination fees charged by Bell Canada were abusive and illegal. Bell Canada denies any wrongdoing or liability in this matter.

Who are the class members?

All natural and legal persons with less than fifty (50) employees, domiciled or having been domiciled in Quebec, and having paid between February 1, 2010 and June 30, 2013 cancellation and/or termination fees to Bell Canada (or Bell ExpressVu LP) pursuant to a contract entered into before June 30, 2010 and concerning an Internet access and/or television service.

What does the settlement provide for?

Without admission of any kind and for the sole purpose of avoiding a lengthy trial and putting an end to this litigation, Bell Canada will pay $1,000,000 (including taxes).

The class members entitled to an amount will receive a $35 refund (including taxes), after deduction of class counsel fees ($300,000 plus taxes) and other costs and expenses, including those related to the administration of the settlement, subject to Court approval.

If the class members entitled to an amount paid early termination fees for both Internet and television services, they will receive double the refund amount, i.e. $70 (including taxes).

Who will receive money?

In order to receive the $35 or $70 refund, you have to have:

Entered into a residential (consumer) contract with Bell Canada or Bell ExpressVu LP for Internet or television services before June 30, 2010; AND

Paid early termination (or cancellation) fees between February 1, 2010 and June 30, 2013.
Class members who do not meet the above criteria, including class members who failed to give notice to Bell Canada ou Bell ExpressVu LP 30 days before cancelling their services, are not entitled to any money.

A cheque will be sent by mail to the address appearing in Bell Canada’s files or to the address as updated by the class member. If more than one class member is named on the contract, the amount of $35 or $70 will be divided equally.

Class members who do not cash the cheque within 6 months of the date of the cheque will have waived their right to this amount and will not be entitled to any further amount or compensation.

Objection to the settlement

If you wish to object to the settlement, you can attend the hearing on February 10, 2023 at 9:30am in room 16.02 of the Montréal Court house located at 1 Notre-Dame Street East, Montréal, Quebec, H2Y 1B6, or via TEAMS, to explain why you disagree with the settlement.

Although not mandatory, you should complete the objection form and send it to Mtre Benoît Gamache of Cabinet BG Avocat Inc. or Mtre David Bourgoin of BGA Inc. no later than February 6, 2023. You can object without being represented by a lawyer. If you wish, you may also be represented by a lawyer at your own expense.


For assistance, you may visit the Settlement website at

Additionally, you may also contact the Claims Administrator or class counsel:

Velvet Payments Class Action Services​
5900 Andover Ave. Suite 1
Montreal, Quebec
H4T 1H5
Phone: 1-888-770-6892

Cabinet BG Avocat Inc.
c/o Mtre Benoît Gamache
6090, Jarry est, suite B-4
Montréal (Qc) H1P 1V9


BGA Inc.
c/o Mtre David Bourgoin
67, Sainte-Ursule
Québec (Québec) G1R 4E7

Available Documents
Objection Form
Settlement Agreement
Judgment (In French) December 21, 2022
Notice of Class Action Settlement (Appendix A)