File: 500-06-000697-140

Date: June 2014

A proposed settlement has been reached in a class action lawsuit about orders for laptop models Y410p, 2510, Y510p, 2710, 3510 or U530 (Lenovo Laptop) made on between May 22 and 24, 2014, that were subsequently cancelled. The Representative alleges that Lenovo (Canada) Inc. (Lenovo) breached the Consumer Protection Act, as well as the consumer laws of other provinces of Canada. Lenovo denies any wrongdoing, and no court has concluded in any wrongdoing by Lenovo.

Am I a Class Member?

You are a class member if you are a person who ordered a Lenovo Laptop from between May 22 and 24, 2014 and whose order was cancelled due to a price error. More information about the Lenovo Laptops involved in the settlement is available at

What is the Proposed Settlement?

Subject to Court approval, Lenovo shall pay a maximum amount of $250,000 (the “Settlement Amount”) for notice and administration costs, Class Counsel’s fees and expenses, escrow charges and taxes related to the Settlement Amount, the percentage owing to the Quebec Fonds d’aide aux actions collectives and the payment to OPEQ – Ordinateurs pour les écoles du Québec.

Given that the distribution of an amount to each class member would be impracticable and too costly, after all notice and administration costs, Class Counsel’s fees and expenses payments and the percentage owing to the Quebec Fonds d’aide aux actions collectives are paid, the balance remaining from the Settlement Amount shall be paid to the OPEQ – Ordinateurs pour les écoles du Québec for the supply of computer equipment to Canadian schools and non-profit organizations.

What are My Options?

1. If you agree with the purpose of this class action and the proposed settlement, you have nothing to do.

2. If you do not wish to participate in the settlement, you may exclude yourself from the class (Opt-Out) by February 5, 2024An Opt-Out form is available on the website. If you exclude yourself, you will not be bound by this settlement if it is approved.

3. You may also object to any part of the settlement, and the Court will consider your views. The Court will consider written objections made in writing and received prior to February 23, 2024 and listen to people who have made within the same deadline a request to speak at the hearing. Please note that the Court cannot change the terms of the settlement. Any objection will be used by the Court to consider whether to approve the settlement.

The Court will hold a hearing on February 29, 2024 at 2:00 p.m. before the Superior Court of Québec, at the Montreal Courthouse, 1 Notre-Dame Street East, in Montreal, Quebec, in courtroom 2.08. At this hearing, the Court will consider whether the settlement is fair, reasonable and adequate and whether to approve Class Counsel’s fees and expenses. You may attend the hearing, and you may hire your own lawyer, but you are not required to do either. After the hearing, the Court will decide whether to approve the settlement.

What If I Have Questions?

This notice is a summary. A detailed notice, as well as the Settlement Agreement and other documents filed in this lawsuit can be found online at For more information, you may write to the Settlement Administrator at or the Class Counsel (Benoit Marion, Myriam Donato) at 514-418-8233 or


For assistance, you may contact the Claims Administrator or class counsel:

Paiements Velvet Payments Inc.
1-5900, Avenue Andover,
Ville de Montréal, Montréal
(Québec) H4T 1H5
Téléphone: 514-746-4646

Mes Benoit Marion et Myriam Donato
BMMD avocats s.e.n.c.r.l.
1170, Place du Frère-André, bureau 200
Montréal (Québec) H3B 3C6
Téléphone : 514 418-8233
Courriel :

Available Documents
Short Form Notice
Long Form Notice
Request for Exclusion (Opt Out)
Schedule C – Notice Plan (In French)
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