Ticketmaster Resale – Quebec Class Action Settlement

File: 500-06-001153-218

Date: June 2021

The Settlement Class

Every natural person and every merchant (natural or legal person) who purchased a ticket that was posted for resale on the secondary market for an event in the Province of Quebec on the Ticketmaster’ websites or mobile apps between June 6, 2018 and May 4, 2022 and who provided a billing address in the Province of Quebec when they made that purchase.


This class action alleged that the manner in which Ticketmaster disclosed the Original Ticket Price of tickets offered for resale on its website or mobile application contravened the Quebec Consumer Protection Act (the “CPA”). The courts have made no determination regarding the merits of those allegations, which Ticketmaster denies. The parties have agreed to the terms of a settlement which you can consult below.

Authorized Class

Every natural person and every merchant (natural or legal person), present on the territory of Québec at the time of purchasing a resale ticket for an event, on the website or the mobile application of Ticketmaster, at a price higher than the one announced for the ticket on the primary market.

The resale ticket must have been sold between June 6, 2018 and May 4, 2022.

What The Settlement Provides

Each Settlement Class member will receive an electronic Ticketmaster gift card with a single credit of ten Canadian dollars (CA$10.00) that has no expiration date and is not convertible to cash. The credit may be used towards the purchase of a ticket on the primary market using the Ticketmaster websites or mobile applications. Further terms and conditions are set out in the Settlement Agreement available below.

Ticketmaster has also agreed to implement a business practice change to their online purchase process with respect to the sale of secondary market (resale) tickets to events in Quebec. Ticketmaster will display the original ticket price of the resale ticket on the delivery page as well as on the payment page, such that the original ticket price is disclosed to users at an earlier stage of the process. Alternatively and as part of the modernization of its websites and mobile applications, Ticketmaster will combine the delivery and payment pages such that the original ticket price continues to be disclosed to users at that stage.


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