Walmart Pricing Error Class Action

File: 500-06-001142-211

Date: April 2021

The Settlement Class

All consumers domiciled or residing in Québec who, on April 4th or 5th, 2021, placed an order for an item priced at $3.49 from the website and who, after receiving a purchase confirmation from Wal-Mart at the price initially advertised, subsequently had their purchase cancelled by Wal-Mart.


This class action seeks compensation from Wal-Mart for violating sections 16, 224c) and 231 of Québec’s Consumer Protection Act (“CPA”), by cancelling certain purchases made by Class Members on the website on April 4 and 5, 2021.

What The Settlement Provides

This class action claims compensatory damages on behalf of all class members equivalent the “Lost Value”, calculated as the difference between the higher price advertised by Walmart for an item on April 7, 2021 and the price at which this item was initially advertised at on April 4-5, 2021, namely $3.49. The action also invokes the Consumer Protection Act to claim punitive damages of $500 for each member of the class.


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Available Documents
2022 07 01 Notice of a Class Action Authorized Against Walmart Canada
2022 06 13 Answer
2022 06 13 Originating Class Action Application Against Walmart
2021 04 23 Answer
2021 09 17 Application Of Defendant Wal Mart Canada Corp. To Adduce Relevant Evidence
2021 04 08 Amended Application to Authorize the Bringing of a Class Action
2021 04 07 Application to Authorize the Bringing of a Class Action